Research and Development



ChemoTech and electrochemotherapy

ChemoTech’s founders have extensive experience in the research and clinical development of electrochemotherapy. A wide range of tumours, including different types of melanoma, primary and metastasised breast cancer and head and neck cancers, have been treated by ChemoTech’s founders. The knowledge gained from this vast clinical experience has laid the foundation for ChemoTech.

Advancing cancer care through D-ESPC™ and D-EMIS™

It is our aim to, through technical innovation, develop new solutions that will enable gentle treatment of cancer in the prostate gland, and an effective pain management method.

Today, we have patents pending for what we call D-EEPC (Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Pain Control™), and for D-EMIS™ (Dynamic Electromagnetic Immunostimulation) for treatment of prostate cancer.