Product Videos

Product Videos

IQWave™ Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy™ – D-EECT

IQWave™ Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy™ – D-EECT represents the next generation of electrochemotherapy devices.

IQWave™ offers unique treatment benefits:

  • Ability to treat tumours that are hard to reach with traditional electrochemotherapy
  • Ability to treat registrant tumour or tumous that are not operable.
  • The treatment can often be performed under local anesthesia and light sedation
  • The treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis.

R&D-project D-EEPC (Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Pain Control™)

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB is releasing a short animated video that explains its next R&D-project D-EEPC (Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Pain Control™). This project can potentially become a revolutionary treatment for treating pain for patients with secondary bone cancer, especially located to the spine.