Gentle cancer treatment and advanced pain control


Our foundation

Our profound knowledge in electrochemotherapy (ECT) forms the starting point for the company’s three focus areas: Gentle electrochemotherapy for the treatment of a range of different types of tumours; Advanced electrotherapeutic pain control; and Minimally invasive treatment of prostate cancer.



Our research focus

Our research efforts are currently focused on two areas where we have a unique opportunity to contribute: pain management and therapy for prostate cancer. Our aim is to finalize the development of a new pain management technology for cancer patients, and contribute to the treatment of prostate cancer with a minimally invasive treatment that will be more effective and gentle than the surgical procedures that are used today.


Gentle cancer treatment

Our ECT treatment is normally performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation, which makes it a very gentle treatment option. One unique feature of our therapy is that it can be adapted to individual tumour characteristics.